Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Entertainment Wise Blocked in Republic of South Africa

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Entertainment Wise Blocked in Republic of South Africa

British website Entertainment Wise has been blocked by the South African firewall! If in South Africa you won't access

If you are able to access it at a future point, inform the SACNS, as the national firewall is currently blocking it. (The firewall usually excludes Blackberry Internet, Kindle, Foreign Proxies: however we can confirm that it does not appear on our Blackberries either and has not for the last about 8 hours!)

It is not often noted in South Africa, but from time to time the National Firewall does block websites, as our service was informed by an Internet Service Provider, the last time we inquired over such a matter.


at 05:40 PM SAST the Entertainment Wise website was unblocked, following our story.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Third Instinct - By Marc Aupiais

Note by Marc Aupiais

Author's message:
The Third Instinct - by Marc Aupiais

Soon to be in physical format too!

Love to be fanned

Sancte Philomena Ora Pro Nobis!


Set in the Greater Johannesburg Area, where the author grew up, this novel discussed South African history, geography, politics, religion, and so much else, in a suspense filled and thriller format. Also entering into the discussion on bio-ethics, murder, death of a friend, suicide, as well as the ethics of espionage and computer hacking, and where patriotism is good, and where it is to the nation's detriment.

The main character Sidney Wolf, as well as other characters, in life and death situations, are forced to choose between what they believe is right and what is most expedient, with varying results.

The novel was written by author Marc Aupiais at the age of 14, before minor edits were made, including footnotes for North American readers, before the author's 21st birthday. It was published first as an ebook, and finally in physical form!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

South Africa and Vaal Flooding January 2011

Note by Marc Aupiais

With dozens, if not more dead or missing (some saying 50) South Africa has boast of experiences: the worst flooding in ages. The Newspapers had much better images than on YouTube, but here are some of the videos, mostly focusing on the Vaal river, where it seems YouTube has the most users.

South Africa and Vaal Flooding January 2011 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alice's adventures in Wonderland- by Carroll, Lewis

Review by Marc Aupiais

I had always desired to read such a book, whenever a film version came to our old tv set I'd sit down and gander at it!

Reading it was so much more! Mr Chesterton in all his deep, true wisdom says fairytales are more true than any fiction. He is right you see! Should you desire to live a Christian life you must believe in fairytales- not of princesses or frogs or snow white or other complete garbage- but of the sort of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- which teach the Christian soul how she ought to look upon the earth!

Available for nothing or next to it if you have an Amazon Kindle- or the free pc, ipad, mac, USA Blackberry version of Kindle. Remember to click on the aA and set screen to black as is best for the eyes' viewings!

Black Beauty- my favourite Christian book

Review by Marc Aupiais

I never thought a book could make me cry or so open the eyes or add to my Christian faith, as I have had over the past few days! Crying, weeping for sadness and joy!

Black Beauty, mother says was once banned in South Africa, perhaps by a censor who spoke too few English words or did not bother to read the great work by Sewell (Anna Sewell)- but I got it on my Kindle account, I think for nothing whatsoever and started reading! No animal is as close to my heart as a horse.

Black Beauty should be mandatory reading for any good Christian- for all it teaching in emotion- that which drives us.

It is only the second book I have read in over three years, perhaps five- except perhaps bits of religious work.

Well worth the read! My new favourite book! And it made me cry- which is hard to do- I know as I have tried to cry before but cannot! Though my eyes may water- here two deep, full tears greeted me at the end.

Surely a book any child should be read and any adult should seek out for themselves!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Holy Father's Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3 - 24 Dec at 11pm- SACBC

Note by Marc Aupiais

Definitions: SACBC- Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference-
SABC 3- South African Broadcasting- a public service company, channel 3.

According to the media representative of the SACBC:

"Important announcement!

The Holy Father's celebration of Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3.

Dear Friends,

The Office for Communication and Media is happy to announce that the SABC has agreed to broadcast the Midnight Mass from St Peter's Basilica on SABC 3.

The Broadcast will start at 11pm on the 24th of December and last for 2 hours.

The Audio feed will be in English.

We request that this is publicised in parish notices and bulletins.

This broadcast is aimed at those who cannot make Midnight mass in their own parishes due to illness, security or distance.

The SABC allocates the time on TV at no cost, but the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, through  the Office for Communication and Media pays for the Satellite downlinks and technical fees to get the signal to the SABC. If you would like to contribute to this cost, please contact Fr Chris Townsend by email

We hope to sign a 3 year agreement with the SABC for this broadcast next year and hope to offer strap-line sponsorship opportunities.

Please note that the offices of the SACBC are closed from midday 15th December and re-open on monday 3 Jan 2011.

I wish you all the blessings of this season of Grace! Come Lord Jesus!

Fr Chris Townsend



Office for Communication and Media

Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC)


+27 (0)12 323 6458


+27 (0) 12 326 6218"

Is your golf course environmentally friendly?

Note by Marc Aupiais

The good people at Rand water have given us permission to publish a press release of theirs, with this note:

"Please note that the water consumption figures given in the Foreword are based on what is available in the literature. We are working with the Golf Course and Greenkeepers Association to obtain more accurate water use figures relevant for SA golf courses."

Press Release


Launch of Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses (Published by Rand Water)

The Department of Water Affairs has estimated that Gauteng will face a water shortages from 2013 as demand begins to exceed supply, unless water usage is significantly reduced. In response, Rand Water, which supplies Gauteng and neighbouring areas with potable water, commissioned a review on how golf courses in semi arid countries around the world, including South Africa, are conserving water and the environment.

This 48-page magazine provides extensive information on all aspects of water conservation on golf courses. Topics include viable site choice, environmental conservation, water harvesting and storage and high-tech irrigation techniques. A section on maintaining water purity includes wetland preservation and construction, advice on fertiliser and pesticide use, how to manage spillage, and recycling.  

Golf course developers, designers, landscapers and greenkeepers will find this publication invaluable as it is both inspirational as well as practical. Illustrations of the principles involved are provided, as well as highlighted information on how golf courses all over the world are reducing water usage and being environmentally responsible. On the practical side a list of resources is included at the end of the publication.

Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses (2010). Published by Rand Water. To download the Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses, go to, click on the Water Wise logo, and then click on the link below "Golf Courses". For the Rand Water Water Wise Hotline, tel: 0860-10-10-60"