Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alice's adventures in Wonderland- by Carroll, Lewis

Review by Marc Aupiais

I had always desired to read such a book, whenever a film version came to our old tv set I'd sit down and gander at it!

Reading it was so much more! Mr Chesterton in all his deep, true wisdom says fairytales are more true than any fiction. He is right you see! Should you desire to live a Christian life you must believe in fairytales- not of princesses or frogs or snow white or other complete garbage- but of the sort of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- which teach the Christian soul how she ought to look upon the earth!

Available for nothing or next to it if you have an Amazon Kindle- or the free pc, ipad, mac, USA Blackberry version of Kindle. Remember to click on the aA and set screen to black as is best for the eyes' viewings!

Black Beauty- my favourite Christian book

Review by Marc Aupiais

I never thought a book could make me cry or so open the eyes or add to my Christian faith, as I have had over the past few days! Crying, weeping for sadness and joy!

Black Beauty, mother says was once banned in South Africa, perhaps by a censor who spoke too few English words or did not bother to read the great work by Sewell (Anna Sewell)- but I got it on my Kindle account, I think for nothing whatsoever and started reading! No animal is as close to my heart as a horse.

Black Beauty should be mandatory reading for any good Christian- for all it teaching in emotion- that which drives us.

It is only the second book I have read in over three years, perhaps five- except perhaps bits of religious work.

Well worth the read! My new favourite book! And it made me cry- which is hard to do- I know as I have tried to cry before but cannot! Though my eyes may water- here two deep, full tears greeted me at the end.

Surely a book any child should be read and any adult should seek out for themselves!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Holy Father's Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3 - 24 Dec at 11pm- SACBC

Note by Marc Aupiais

Definitions: SACBC- Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference-
SABC 3- South African Broadcasting- a public service company, channel 3.

According to the media representative of the SACBC:

"Important announcement!

The Holy Father's celebration of Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3.

Dear Friends,

The Office for Communication and Media is happy to announce that the SABC has agreed to broadcast the Midnight Mass from St Peter's Basilica on SABC 3.

The Broadcast will start at 11pm on the 24th of December and last for 2 hours.

The Audio feed will be in English.

We request that this is publicised in parish notices and bulletins.

This broadcast is aimed at those who cannot make Midnight mass in their own parishes due to illness, security or distance.

The SABC allocates the time on TV at no cost, but the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, through  the Office for Communication and Media pays for the Satellite downlinks and technical fees to get the signal to the SABC. If you would like to contribute to this cost, please contact Fr Chris Townsend by email

We hope to sign a 3 year agreement with the SABC for this broadcast next year and hope to offer strap-line sponsorship opportunities.

Please note that the offices of the SACBC are closed from midday 15th December and re-open on monday 3 Jan 2011.

I wish you all the blessings of this season of Grace! Come Lord Jesus!

Fr Chris Townsend



Office for Communication and Media

Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC)


+27 (0)12 323 6458


+27 (0) 12 326 6218"

Is your golf course environmentally friendly?

Note by Marc Aupiais

The good people at Rand water have given us permission to publish a press release of theirs, with this note:

"Please note that the water consumption figures given in the Foreword are based on what is available in the literature. We are working with the Golf Course and Greenkeepers Association to obtain more accurate water use figures relevant for SA golf courses."

Press Release


Launch of Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses (Published by Rand Water)

The Department of Water Affairs has estimated that Gauteng will face a water shortages from 2013 as demand begins to exceed supply, unless water usage is significantly reduced. In response, Rand Water, which supplies Gauteng and neighbouring areas with potable water, commissioned a review on how golf courses in semi arid countries around the world, including South Africa, are conserving water and the environment.

This 48-page magazine provides extensive information on all aspects of water conservation on golf courses. Topics include viable site choice, environmental conservation, water harvesting and storage and high-tech irrigation techniques. A section on maintaining water purity includes wetland preservation and construction, advice on fertiliser and pesticide use, how to manage spillage, and recycling.  

Golf course developers, designers, landscapers and greenkeepers will find this publication invaluable as it is both inspirational as well as practical. Illustrations of the principles involved are provided, as well as highlighted information on how golf courses all over the world are reducing water usage and being environmentally responsible. On the practical side a list of resources is included at the end of the publication.

Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses (2010). Published by Rand Water. To download the Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses, go to, click on the Water Wise logo, and then click on the link below "Golf Courses". For the Rand Water Water Wise Hotline, tel: 0860-10-10-60"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Doubts as to reason for Greek Orthodox Prelate's removal- Politics seem to be EVERYWHERE! « Marianna Irene Kalabakas's Blog

Note by Marc Aupiais

A good friend of mine, and fellow law student has a fascinating op-ed on doubts as to why the Johannesburg Greek Orthodox archbishop was shipped off to Africa.

She has permitted myself to republish her work for the SACNS which I believe benefits.

The Greek Orthodox church while being Apostolic- and having valid bishops and priests is not currently in communion with Rome due to differences on some important theological matters. It is greatly respected by Rome among the churches not in communion.

Below is the fascinating analysis of someone who has had much contact with a bishop of the Greek Orthodox church, who wonders if he was ousted for political reasons:

"Politics seem to be EVERYWHERE!

by Marianna Irene Kalabakas

⁠December 12, 2010

I might not be the most reliable source to comment on this, but, the following is my opinions on the removal of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Seraphim in South Africa.

I knew Archbishop Seraphim, from my school years. He was always at school plays, christmas parties and whenever in church, would ask my parents how I am! Fantastic man he really is!

I will personally admit, as church gatherings at "panigiria," he would annoy me because I would want to have holy communion because I would fast from the night before and would be hungry by 1 o'clock, when communion would be given! The reason for my annoyance was because the service would stop for about 3 hours in which certificates of thanks would be given to numerous people, both dead and alive. But you ended up living with these long processes.

I'm not sure what happened and they removed him from our post. But after the community started being run by a new committee they removed him and a few other priests and sent them to various African countries and one was sent to Cyprus.

Today was the day the new Archbishop Damaskinos was enthroned as the new Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria. To be honest, the church was empty considering, all the Orthodox churches throughout Gauteng where closed. Seraphim, is Cypriot and the Cypriots form a large part of the community down here. The majority of the Cypriots where not even present at this gathering. Personally speaking, I assume they where boycotting this new enthronement.

During the enthronement, the Patriarchi of Africa, did not refer to Seraphim at all, just once. The only person he spoke of was the late Archbishop Peter who passed away many years ago. This conduct, made me wonder whether he had anything to do with Seraphim's removal?

That is a question that I doubt will be answered."

(Greek Orthodox South African blog by a friend of the Editor)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bruno Mars- just the way you are

From Beautiful girls, where the girl changes constantly showing he's cheating to Just the way you are where he plays a tape. You have to love the stupidity of American and some other girls in buying his album.

Human Rights are Yesterday's News

Note by Marc Aupiais

I meant every word of that title: December 10th is Human Rights day, and December 11th is today!

An article which is useful is this:

"Today is International Human Rights Day and this year, International Human Rights Day (10 December) has as its theme: “human rights defenders who act to end discrimination.” According to the UN Human Rights Office:
Human rights defenders speak out against abuse and violations including discrimination, exclusion, oppression and violence. They advocate justice and seek to protect the victims of human rights violations. They demand accountability for perpetrators and transparency in government action.
There are a myriad of definitions of the term on the web, but all generally agree that human rights are “the basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed.” The universality of human rights means that they should apply to all members of the human family.
Claiming to protect the “reproductive rights” of women, abortion advocates are pitting the rights of women against the right to life of their unborn children.
In 2008 at the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, abortion groups fought to be recognized as defenders of women’s human rights. Pro-lifers pushed back and reminded the commission that abortion is not considered a human right under international law, and therefore abortion practitioners and those who advocate for abortion cannot be considered “human rights defenders.”
Efforts to get abortion advocates recognized as “human rights defenders” have continued to crop up with increasing frequency. On this Human Rights Day let us hope that one day we will see a world where a truly universal understanding of Human Rights is celebrated."

We aren't for anarchy, we just think it's time: Wikileaks situation

Wikileaks poses the threat of information terrorism

That's a headline in a patriotic American publication.

I have another one: "Shock and Awe"- how is that different from "Terrorism". What a person does in the dark is who they are. We get to read what you really think about our leaders, how you want to manipulate us and them, to bully us and them? Wikileaks is like publishing a secret diary, but who's secret diary? We all think Hitler's diary should be published, surely. And therefore America's.

A nation which consistently blaspheme's God, and pushes its ideology onto the rest of us to our detriment, a country which is essentially a bully boy with no respect whatsoever for human rights and democracy?

Any informant who went to America deserves the consequences for betraying democracy.

Is what Wikileaks did wrong? Undoubtedly... if it were South African or British or heck, Chinese documents...

But when publishing, the key is truth and in public interest, fair comment or reasonable publication.

Pretending to be good while being the Evil Empire, and a colonialist which values "American lives" (Barack Obama- Constantine, or is it Nero himself). Trying to convince the world "We're all American". portraying heroic people as cowards or ideological, when the real coward sits on nuclear weapons and is the only nation on earth evil enough to use them on the rest of us.

Yes, America, the people who help you WILL be punished- first and foremost the politicians who SOLD US ALL OUT. People who realise what America has done, its utter disrespect for the rest of us: what it knew and denied- e.g. Georgian Genocide (according to RT quoting Wikileaks).

I'd be angry if it were South African documents, but it isn't.

Why aren't I angry: accountability. America may hold nuclear weapons, and fortunes above us: but people like the undoubtedly malicious Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Wikileaks, have proven that a nation like America can be fought, and that one can win, if one ignores the costs. I no more endorse Al Qaeda or the Taliban than I do the IRA: terrorism is evil, but there is another terrorist... and Wikileaks is not that terrorist.

Information terrorism? The Truth Will Out! The Truth Will Out. Undoubtedly a double edged sword! But you know what, they didn't attack South Africa, despite the humiliating take of our leaders, people such as Mbeki who I respect. Who Africa respects. And anyone who looks at his policy can tell Mandela is a racist, but noting that he thought that America ignored warnings on Iraq because they came from black people? Well, I'm glad his objection was noted by you America.

Very glad. Come Uppance... Justice... You DESERVED THIS.

And actually, now the truth is out: that America is ONLY in it for AMERICA. The rest of us won't dislike you as much as we did, because the facts are accepted now. And you have destroyed your own diplomatic relations, with the populaces of the world!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Spud- all about a boys hidden place- at least the name of the movie is

Note by Marc Aupiais

When I saw this movie with a sophisticated female friend who actually reads books still, we were both shocked that we'd been surrounded by small kids. A bunch of which grazed by the stairs next to my seat, and talked the whole movie through. And of course as I watched it at Sandton, and I hope that is the reason- they clapped after the movie- following the American tradition.

Spud may seem to be about a boarding school and childhood stories but all it is about is sex, lesbian porn, masturbation and a boy with a small... Spud.

Please if you watch this film DO not think it portrays South Africa adequately or truthfully. DO NOT take your kids to graze through the movie. Because sheep tend to follow sheep! (If you watch the movie you'll understand)!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Voyage of the damned treader

Note by Marc Aupiais

I will probably see this movie- Voyage of the Dawn Treader- no relation to the book by the same name by C.S. Lewis- despite having some of his characters (and without the boat actually heading into the sun).

The makers see the Lion- which C.S. Lewis sees a Jesus Christ as a figure which could be Buddha or Mohamed or Allah- they have said. What to expect from Disney who changed the life story of first American convert to Christianity Pocahontas into a pagan goddess. And the little Mermaid from a Christian Mermaid seeking to be human to get a soul- into a woman who just wants to have fun with some guy.

Anyway expect the White Witch return. Somehow unlike to Lewis- who saw the Lion killing her forever and eating her, she keeps reappearing. Oh ja, and remember its not about voyage to the sun- to the Land of the Emperor beyond the Sea- God- Heaven- but about that minor chapter of the dark Island, and getting seven swords of Aslan to defeat the dark Island- which in the book they escape with prayer, and ease,

But what to expect. C.S. Lewis said specifically that he would consider it a sacrilege against his works to make movies of them. Clearly his step son and Disney and Waldon Media- have even less interest in C.S. Lewis's will than the will of God almighty.

Apparently the BBC version of the story while without special effects and comical was much more true to the plot and quite well done!


Note by Marc Aupiais

Jack is at it again. He'll save America from... Well you know- them mussies, with NUCLEAR materials. Of course they plan to use them. Just like The Event their('s) are loose muslim gals. Somehow when Muslims get together they automatically want to bomb New York City, or are bed buddies of wait for it- a white woman American president!

Anyway- have not watch to the end- but the main characters sex, murder, lie and fight their way through to stop the bad mossies, I mean mussies, you know those people who are the good guys on South African tv, and the inhuman and inhumane bad guys who die on American tv.

I expect in the next 24 Jack Bauer will assassinate Julian Assange!

The Event- hasn't happened yet but the suspense is killing characters

Note by Marc Aupiais

With the Black President (not Obama) the American populous voted for in 2008 constantly threatening people and being prepared to commit human rights abuses (wait maybe it is Obama) and a bad guy running mate from the other (Republican) party, whose too scared of the bad guys to speak up. With two main characters discovering that the government, churches, and social services lied to everyone and that all they knew about America, psychologists, each other and be LOST for words, a plane crash- is false. With aliens locked up by the US government- some wanting to rule us, others ruing the day they landed. With the main characters constantly killing people or threatening people (eg not sure her name but main female character- threatening a random doctor's life to save her future fionce').

With... With...

So when does the plot start and the suspense end? I feel LOST? Do you feel LOST?

Chuck bastardised

Note by Marc Aupiais

Its what one expects from the film industry of the nation Al Qaeda calls the Whore of Babylon.

Selling women's souls, and sex, doing the devils work, while underpaid writers write unintelligent boring bastardised scripts for an audience without an IQ.

I started watching the new season of Chuck, and kept expecting it to start. It never did! Just ramblings about sexting- with Morgan photographing Chuck on Chuck's phone and sending Sarah pictures of Chuck waking up in the morning. Of course not wearing a shirt- because American film frowns on Pyjamas.

The Buymore is gone along with the shakespearean clowns.

Apparently Chuck is an asset that the CIA won't let go.

Boring all around. All the banality and Americanism without anything vaguely interesting. Although the EMP generator (which technically should be the size of a nuclear bomb) has some oomph- the rest is stolen from other movies and from script writers who dropped out of primary school!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


November 16, 2010 -
With an election without precedent Timothy Dolan has become the new president of the Bishops' Conference of the United States.

For the first time was not elected vice president, in this case Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson in Arizona, but his main "opponent", Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York."

(automatic translation from Italian.

in reference to:

"Unprecedented November 16, 2010 - With an election without precedent Timothy Dolan has become the new president of the Bishops' Conference of the United States. For the first time was not elected vice president, in this case Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson in Arizona, but his main "opponent", Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York."
- Palazzo Apostolico - Diario Vaticano Paul Rodari »Blog Archive» Unprecedented (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, September 6, 2010

The BBC's Catholic anti-Catholic ex-Catholic homosexual bias?

Note by Marc Aupiais

If I have ever read an interesting article it is the Catholic News Service one I am about to quote from, be sure to read the full article, fascinating really:

"London, England, Sep 6, 2010 / 09:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the senior Catholic authority in Scotland, accused the BBC on Sunday of being contaminated by “a radically secular and socially liberal mindset.” Then prelate added that the public corporation headed by Mark Thompson, a 52-year-old Jesuit educated Catholic, should appoint a religion editor immediately.

Cardinal O'Brian, who is Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh also accused the BBC of plotting a “hatchet job” on the Vatican in a documentary about clerical sex abuse on the eve of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain.

“This week the BBC’s director general admitted that the corporation had displayed ‘massive bias’ in its political coverage throughout the 1980s, acknowledging the existence of an institutional political bias,” the cardinal said.

“Our detailed research into BBC news coverage of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, together with a systematic analysis of output by the Catholic church, has revealed a consistent anti-Christian institutional bias,” he added.

As proof, Cardinal O'Brian pointed out to 15 percent decline in religious programming over the past 20 years. Also, he added, insiders at the BBC have privately admitted that there is a cultural intolerance of Christianity at the corporation.

“Senior news managers have admitted to the Catholic Church that a radically secular and socially liberal mindset pervades their newsrooms. This sadly taints BBC news and current affairs coverage of religious issues, particularly matters of Christian beliefs.”

The Archbishop of Edinburgh voiced his fears that the BBC will use a forthcoming documentary called "Benedict –Trials of a Pope" to "humiliate the Pontiff on the eve of his visit to Britain." The program was created by Mark Dowd, a homosexual former Dominican friar, and will be aired on September 15.

The cardinal joined the recent Church of England's demand that the broadcaster appoint a religion editor to address the issue of the decline and the bias on religious information.

The BBC immediately dismissed Cardinal O’Brien’s criticism of its religious coverage. A spokeswoman told The Telegraph that “BBC news and current affairs has a dedicated religion correspondent.”"
Staff writer of Catholic News Agency (CNA) (Catholic special interests coverage; Independent of the state; American [USA], but a service of another, South African Spanish language service)
06 / 09 | Sept / 2010: Cardinal O’Brien accuses BBC of attempting to 'humiliate' Pope, says is time for religion editor

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Very proud of Thomas Peters

Note by Marc Aupiais

I just read a favourite blog of mine- American Papist- which covered the dying of Catholics United for the Common Good- phone disconnect included. The group mentioned opposes the Vatican on many issues of morals and dogma, and played a large role in the election and maintenance publicity campaign of abortionist and homosexual special interests promoting US President Obama.

The group is now gone.

What I feel proud about is that Thomas called the National Catholic Reporter a faux-Catholic group. Whether faux-Catholic or not- the National Catholic Reporter, certainly does oppose the Vatican on many important issues. Their most famous commentator- John Allen jr. (I believe he's a jr. - Americans give odd names- The Second is cooler)- misrepresents the Vatican, if my own Vatican watching is not lacking.

And their articles do seem quite odd. Thomas Peters, however is not in the habit of opposing them or any major Catholic group with views the Vatican may feel to disapprove.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hold the presses

Note by Marc Aupiais editor of SACNS

What to publish is always an interesting thought for media. During the passing of the American health reform I held back one of my own stories, shelved it, never printed.

The story was on Bart Stupak, and a questionable connection with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops- of their odd use of him, to front their views, even when the Republican party had the power to do so. It isn't newsworthy now, but surely must play a role.

I should have presented my hours of research on the man- but, for the sake of a cause- the stifling of the legislation I did not.

It is a lesson I have learnt from. It is also responsible for my new more neutral style of writing- and for the creation of some of our other services- such as evidence gathering SACNS Quote Analysis.

I have finally decided to admit to this- that I did not publish when I should have. It makes for a bad editor- but one who has learnt not to misjudge a situation again.

I am sure the paper trail is still available on the USCCB site (and other sources), in addition to my own evidence for those who have an interest.

I am sorry for not publishing that story. It is my job to report the truth- and while I do shelve some huge stories, for the sake of other stories- I had no valid reason to shelve that.

Catholic Pope Benedict XVI once again appeals the international community for aid for Pakistan’s flood affected inhabitants - says state broadcaster: Vatican Radio

Note by Marc Aupiais

August was to be a holiday in the Vatican, but Old Man Benedict- has clearly been affected by the Pakistani floods- appealing for help, from his holiday home in the Italian Alps:

"Pope Renews Appeal for Help for Pakistan's Flood Victims (18 Aug 10 – RV)

The unfolding tragedy of Pakistan's flood victims was the focus of a renewed appeal by Pope Benedict XVI to the International community this Wednesday. Speaking from his hill top summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, the Pope said:

"My thoughts go at this time to the dear people of Pakistan, recently hit by severe flooding, which has caused many victims and left many families homeless".

He went on to say: "As I entrust to the merciful goodness of God all those who are tragically gone, I express my spiritual closeness to their families and all who suffer because of this disaster. Our solidarity and the concrete support of the international community must not be lacking to these our sorely tried brothers and sisters!".

The Holy Father's appeal came at the end of his catechesis, this week dedicated to the figure of Pope Saint Pius X "

Radio Vaticana / Vatican Radio (Catholic; governmental: officially has editorial independence; Vatican based)

18 / 08 | August / 2010

Haitian rapper goes into hiding

Wycliff Jean - opportunist who, being a famous rapper- used his fame, and minimal effect on the Haitian aid effort to run for the presidency against Haitian law- has gone into hiding allegedly after death threats says Sky News!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Write Stuff : CJR

The Write Stuff : CJR: "The Yahoo Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World | St. Martin’s Griffin | 528 pages, $21.99

If you strolled by a copy editor’s desk at any metro newsroom thirty years ago, you would have likely seen, sandwiched between the pica pole and the Carter’s Rubber Cement, a well-worn, dog-eared version of the Associated Press Stylebook. The glue pot and ruler are long gone. And now, in an age when anyone can publish instantaneously to any corner of the world, it’s worth asking whether the stylebook should be discarded as well."

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine: "If we’re moving away from the open Web, it’s at least in part because of the rising dominance of businesspeople more inclined to think in the all-or-nothing terms of traditional media than in the come-one-come-all collectivist utopianism of the Web. This is not just natural maturation but in many ways the result of a competing idea — one that rejects the Web’s ethic, technology, and business models. The control the Web took from the vertically integrated, top-down media world can, with a little rethinking of the nature and the use of the Internet, be taken back.

This development — a familiar historical march, both feudal and corporate, in which the less powerful are sapped of their reason for being by the better resourced, organized, and efficient — is perhaps the rudest shock possible to the leveled, porous, low-barrier-to-entry ethos of the Internet Age. After all, this is a battle that seemed fought and won — not just toppling newspapers and music labels but also AOL and Prodigy and anyone who built a business on the idea that a curated experience would beat out the flexibility and freedom of the Web."

I hardly approve- what of human rights? #Zimbabwe #music #Afrikaans

Note by Marc Aupiais

I've been watching tv- and a song by Die Hewels is Fantasties just came on. They fly somewhere and land on a runway by the very iconic Zimbabwe national flag. I hardly approve- seems very unethical to shoot or appear to shoot a music video of a seeming holiday in Zimbabwe.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Naturally hits Canada

Note by Marc Aupiais

A tip from Canada:

"Naturally song is being used for the CTV season lineup of new shows, channel 8 here! The entire song."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chuck- a spy story

Note by Marc Aupiais

An interesting series, with the notable idea- that a computer database can be downloaded to a human brain.

It has a sexually liberal ethos- and portrays cohabitation and ex-marital sex as healthy and normal.

Chuck is kicked out of university because his friend betrayed him- it turns out the friend was a CIA agent- attempting to prevent his pal from becoming a spy.

Years later Bryce sends Chuck what is a top secret database of intelligence- the Intersect.

Chuck is in love with Sarah- a female agent sent to protect him. Casey of the NIA was sent to kill him but the three work to take down firstly one secret organisation- and by series 2 The Ring. By series 2- Chuck is also given physical information- flashes with Karate skills etc.

Chuck must be calm to flash.

Besides the sexually liberal ethos, clear and blind American patriotism, and other factors- Chuck is a refreshingly well written comedy!