Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chuck- a spy story

Note by Marc Aupiais

An interesting series, with the notable idea- that a computer database can be downloaded to a human brain.

It has a sexually liberal ethos- and portrays cohabitation and ex-marital sex as healthy and normal.

Chuck is kicked out of university because his friend betrayed him- it turns out the friend was a CIA agent- attempting to prevent his pal from becoming a spy.

Years later Bryce sends Chuck what is a top secret database of intelligence- the Intersect.

Chuck is in love with Sarah- a female agent sent to protect him. Casey of the NIA was sent to kill him but the three work to take down firstly one secret organisation- and by series 2 The Ring. By series 2- Chuck is also given physical information- flashes with Karate skills etc.

Chuck must be calm to flash.

Besides the sexually liberal ethos, clear and blind American patriotism, and other factors- Chuck is a refreshingly well written comedy!

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