Thursday, September 2, 2010

Very proud of Thomas Peters

Note by Marc Aupiais

I just read a favourite blog of mine- American Papist- which covered the dying of Catholics United for the Common Good- phone disconnect included. The group mentioned opposes the Vatican on many issues of morals and dogma, and played a large role in the election and maintenance publicity campaign of abortionist and homosexual special interests promoting US President Obama.

The group is now gone.

What I feel proud about is that Thomas called the National Catholic Reporter a faux-Catholic group. Whether faux-Catholic or not- the National Catholic Reporter, certainly does oppose the Vatican on many important issues. Their most famous commentator- John Allen jr. (I believe he's a jr. - Americans give odd names- The Second is cooler)- misrepresents the Vatican, if my own Vatican watching is not lacking.

And their articles do seem quite odd. Thomas Peters, however is not in the habit of opposing them or any major Catholic group with views the Vatican may feel to disapprove.

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