Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alice's adventures in Wonderland- by Carroll, Lewis

Review by Marc Aupiais

I had always desired to read such a book, whenever a film version came to our old tv set I'd sit down and gander at it!

Reading it was so much more! Mr Chesterton in all his deep, true wisdom says fairytales are more true than any fiction. He is right you see! Should you desire to live a Christian life you must believe in fairytales- not of princesses or frogs or snow white or other complete garbage- but of the sort of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- which teach the Christian soul how she ought to look upon the earth!

Available for nothing or next to it if you have an Amazon Kindle- or the free pc, ipad, mac, USA Blackberry version of Kindle. Remember to click on the aA and set screen to black as is best for the eyes' viewings!

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