Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Beauty- my favourite Christian book

Review by Marc Aupiais

I never thought a book could make me cry or so open the eyes or add to my Christian faith, as I have had over the past few days! Crying, weeping for sadness and joy!

Black Beauty, mother says was once banned in South Africa, perhaps by a censor who spoke too few English words or did not bother to read the great work by Sewell (Anna Sewell)- but I got it on my Kindle account, I think for nothing whatsoever and started reading! No animal is as close to my heart as a horse.

Black Beauty should be mandatory reading for any good Christian- for all it teaching in emotion- that which drives us.

It is only the second book I have read in over three years, perhaps five- except perhaps bits of religious work.

Well worth the read! My new favourite book! And it made me cry- which is hard to do- I know as I have tried to cry before but cannot! Though my eyes may water- here two deep, full tears greeted me at the end.

Surely a book any child should be read and any adult should seek out for themselves!

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