Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chuck bastardised

Note by Marc Aupiais

Its what one expects from the film industry of the nation Al Qaeda calls the Whore of Babylon.

Selling women's souls, and sex, doing the devils work, while underpaid writers write unintelligent boring bastardised scripts for an audience without an IQ.

I started watching the new season of Chuck, and kept expecting it to start. It never did! Just ramblings about sexting- with Morgan photographing Chuck on Chuck's phone and sending Sarah pictures of Chuck waking up in the morning. Of course not wearing a shirt- because American film frowns on Pyjamas.

The Buymore is gone along with the shakespearean clowns.

Apparently Chuck is an asset that the CIA won't let go.

Boring all around. All the banality and Americanism without anything vaguely interesting. Although the EMP generator (which technically should be the size of a nuclear bomb) has some oomph- the rest is stolen from other movies and from script writers who dropped out of primary school!

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