Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Event- hasn't happened yet but the suspense is killing characters

Note by Marc Aupiais

With the Black President (not Obama) the American populous voted for in 2008 constantly threatening people and being prepared to commit human rights abuses (wait maybe it is Obama) and a bad guy running mate from the other (Republican) party, whose too scared of the bad guys to speak up. With two main characters discovering that the government, churches, and social services lied to everyone and that all they knew about America, psychologists, each other and be LOST for words, a plane crash- is false. With aliens locked up by the US government- some wanting to rule us, others ruing the day they landed. With the main characters constantly killing people or threatening people (eg not sure her name but main female character- threatening a random doctor's life to save her future fionce').

With... With...

So when does the plot start and the suspense end? I feel LOST? Do you feel LOST?

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