Friday, December 10, 2010

Spud- all about a boys hidden place- at least the name of the movie is

Note by Marc Aupiais

When I saw this movie with a sophisticated female friend who actually reads books still, we were both shocked that we'd been surrounded by small kids. A bunch of which grazed by the stairs next to my seat, and talked the whole movie through. And of course as I watched it at Sandton, and I hope that is the reason- they clapped after the movie- following the American tradition.

Spud may seem to be about a boarding school and childhood stories but all it is about is sex, lesbian porn, masturbation and a boy with a small... Spud.

Please if you watch this film DO not think it portrays South Africa adequately or truthfully. DO NOT take your kids to graze through the movie. Because sheep tend to follow sheep! (If you watch the movie you'll understand)!

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