Thursday, December 9, 2010

Voyage of the damned treader

Note by Marc Aupiais

I will probably see this movie- Voyage of the Dawn Treader- no relation to the book by the same name by C.S. Lewis- despite having some of his characters (and without the boat actually heading into the sun).

The makers see the Lion- which C.S. Lewis sees a Jesus Christ as a figure which could be Buddha or Mohamed or Allah- they have said. What to expect from Disney who changed the life story of first American convert to Christianity Pocahontas into a pagan goddess. And the little Mermaid from a Christian Mermaid seeking to be human to get a soul- into a woman who just wants to have fun with some guy.

Anyway expect the White Witch return. Somehow unlike to Lewis- who saw the Lion killing her forever and eating her, she keeps reappearing. Oh ja, and remember its not about voyage to the sun- to the Land of the Emperor beyond the Sea- God- Heaven- but about that minor chapter of the dark Island, and getting seven swords of Aslan to defeat the dark Island- which in the book they escape with prayer, and ease,

But what to expect. C.S. Lewis said specifically that he would consider it a sacrilege against his works to make movies of them. Clearly his step son and Disney and Waldon Media- have even less interest in C.S. Lewis's will than the will of God almighty.

Apparently the BBC version of the story while without special effects and comical was much more true to the plot and quite well done!

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