Saturday, December 11, 2010

We aren't for anarchy, we just think it's time: Wikileaks situation

Wikileaks poses the threat of information terrorism

That's a headline in a patriotic American publication.

I have another one: "Shock and Awe"- how is that different from "Terrorism". What a person does in the dark is who they are. We get to read what you really think about our leaders, how you want to manipulate us and them, to bully us and them? Wikileaks is like publishing a secret diary, but who's secret diary? We all think Hitler's diary should be published, surely. And therefore America's.

A nation which consistently blaspheme's God, and pushes its ideology onto the rest of us to our detriment, a country which is essentially a bully boy with no respect whatsoever for human rights and democracy?

Any informant who went to America deserves the consequences for betraying democracy.

Is what Wikileaks did wrong? Undoubtedly... if it were South African or British or heck, Chinese documents...

But when publishing, the key is truth and in public interest, fair comment or reasonable publication.

Pretending to be good while being the Evil Empire, and a colonialist which values "American lives" (Barack Obama- Constantine, or is it Nero himself). Trying to convince the world "We're all American". portraying heroic people as cowards or ideological, when the real coward sits on nuclear weapons and is the only nation on earth evil enough to use them on the rest of us.

Yes, America, the people who help you WILL be punished- first and foremost the politicians who SOLD US ALL OUT. People who realise what America has done, its utter disrespect for the rest of us: what it knew and denied- e.g. Georgian Genocide (according to RT quoting Wikileaks).

I'd be angry if it were South African documents, but it isn't.

Why aren't I angry: accountability. America may hold nuclear weapons, and fortunes above us: but people like the undoubtedly malicious Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Wikileaks, have proven that a nation like America can be fought, and that one can win, if one ignores the costs. I no more endorse Al Qaeda or the Taliban than I do the IRA: terrorism is evil, but there is another terrorist... and Wikileaks is not that terrorist.

Information terrorism? The Truth Will Out! The Truth Will Out. Undoubtedly a double edged sword! But you know what, they didn't attack South Africa, despite the humiliating take of our leaders, people such as Mbeki who I respect. Who Africa respects. And anyone who looks at his policy can tell Mandela is a racist, but noting that he thought that America ignored warnings on Iraq because they came from black people? Well, I'm glad his objection was noted by you America.

Very glad. Come Uppance... Justice... You DESERVED THIS.

And actually, now the truth is out: that America is ONLY in it for AMERICA. The rest of us won't dislike you as much as we did, because the facts are accepted now. And you have destroyed your own diplomatic relations, with the populaces of the world!

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