Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hold the presses

Note by Marc Aupiais editor of SACNS

What to publish is always an interesting thought for media. During the passing of the American health reform I held back one of my own stories, shelved it, never printed.

The story was on Bart Stupak, and a questionable connection with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops- of their odd use of him, to front their views, even when the Republican party had the power to do so. It isn't newsworthy now, but surely must play a role.

I should have presented my hours of research on the man- but, for the sake of a cause- the stifling of the legislation I did not.

It is a lesson I have learnt from. It is also responsible for my new more neutral style of writing- and for the creation of some of our other services- such as evidence gathering SACNS Quote Analysis.

I have finally decided to admit to this- that I did not publish when I should have. It makes for a bad editor- but one who has learnt not to misjudge a situation again.

I am sure the paper trail is still available on the USCCB site (and other sources), in addition to my own evidence for those who have an interest.

I am sorry for not publishing that story. It is my job to report the truth- and while I do shelve some huge stories, for the sake of other stories- I had no valid reason to shelve that.

Catholic Pope Benedict XVI once again appeals the international community for aid for Pakistan’s flood affected inhabitants - says state broadcaster: Vatican Radio

Note by Marc Aupiais

August was to be a holiday in the Vatican, but Old Man Benedict- has clearly been affected by the Pakistani floods- appealing for help, from his holiday home in the Italian Alps:

"Pope Renews Appeal for Help for Pakistan's Flood Victims (18 Aug 10 – RV)

The unfolding tragedy of Pakistan's flood victims was the focus of a renewed appeal by Pope Benedict XVI to the International community this Wednesday. Speaking from his hill top summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, the Pope said:

"My thoughts go at this time to the dear people of Pakistan, recently hit by severe flooding, which has caused many victims and left many families homeless".

He went on to say: "As I entrust to the merciful goodness of God all those who are tragically gone, I express my spiritual closeness to their families and all who suffer because of this disaster. Our solidarity and the concrete support of the international community must not be lacking to these our sorely tried brothers and sisters!".

The Holy Father's appeal came at the end of his catechesis, this week dedicated to the figure of Pope Saint Pius X "

Radio Vaticana / Vatican Radio (Catholic; governmental: officially has editorial independence; Vatican based)

18 / 08 | August / 2010

Haitian rapper goes into hiding

Wycliff Jean - opportunist who, being a famous rapper- used his fame, and minimal effect on the Haitian aid effort to run for the presidency against Haitian law- has gone into hiding allegedly after death threats says Sky News!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Write Stuff : CJR

The Write Stuff : CJR: "The Yahoo Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World | St. Martin’s Griffin | 528 pages, $21.99

If you strolled by a copy editor’s desk at any metro newsroom thirty years ago, you would have likely seen, sandwiched between the pica pole and the Carter’s Rubber Cement, a well-worn, dog-eared version of the Associated Press Stylebook. The glue pot and ruler are long gone. And now, in an age when anyone can publish instantaneously to any corner of the world, it’s worth asking whether the stylebook should be discarded as well."

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine: "If we’re moving away from the open Web, it’s at least in part because of the rising dominance of businesspeople more inclined to think in the all-or-nothing terms of traditional media than in the come-one-come-all collectivist utopianism of the Web. This is not just natural maturation but in many ways the result of a competing idea — one that rejects the Web’s ethic, technology, and business models. The control the Web took from the vertically integrated, top-down media world can, with a little rethinking of the nature and the use of the Internet, be taken back.

This development — a familiar historical march, both feudal and corporate, in which the less powerful are sapped of their reason for being by the better resourced, organized, and efficient — is perhaps the rudest shock possible to the leveled, porous, low-barrier-to-entry ethos of the Internet Age. After all, this is a battle that seemed fought and won — not just toppling newspapers and music labels but also AOL and Prodigy and anyone who built a business on the idea that a curated experience would beat out the flexibility and freedom of the Web."

I hardly approve- what of human rights? #Zimbabwe #music #Afrikaans

Note by Marc Aupiais

I've been watching tv- and a song by Die Hewels is Fantasties just came on. They fly somewhere and land on a runway by the very iconic Zimbabwe national flag. I hardly approve- seems very unethical to shoot or appear to shoot a music video of a seeming holiday in Zimbabwe.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Naturally hits Canada

Note by Marc Aupiais

A tip from Canada:

"Naturally song is being used for the CTV season lineup of new shows, channel 8 here! The entire song."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chuck- a spy story

Note by Marc Aupiais

An interesting series, with the notable idea- that a computer database can be downloaded to a human brain.

It has a sexually liberal ethos- and portrays cohabitation and ex-marital sex as healthy and normal.

Chuck is kicked out of university because his friend betrayed him- it turns out the friend was a CIA agent- attempting to prevent his pal from becoming a spy.

Years later Bryce sends Chuck what is a top secret database of intelligence- the Intersect.

Chuck is in love with Sarah- a female agent sent to protect him. Casey of the NIA was sent to kill him but the three work to take down firstly one secret organisation- and by series 2 The Ring. By series 2- Chuck is also given physical information- flashes with Karate skills etc.

Chuck must be calm to flash.

Besides the sexually liberal ethos, clear and blind American patriotism, and other factors- Chuck is a refreshingly well written comedy!